Hot Ballet is a class for anyone who wants to move and tone their body - no prior dance experience is needed, beginners are welcome. The Hot Ballet Method strips down the 7 main principles of ballet; postural alignment, turn out, coordination, balance, classical technique, expression/artistry, and transfer of weight. The mission of Hot Ballet Method is to complement and enhance any other training you might be doing whether it’s hot pilates, dancing, boxing, or running - Hot Ballet Method targets the body to elevate your training to the next level. Within this class you will get the opportunity to focus on the smaller muscle groups that lack attention in our day to day lives which will lead to injury prevention and increase technique in your movement vocabulary. Muscle memory is a powerful tool - training the muscles the right way will lead to lengthening the body while also strengthening. Hot Ballet Method is a full-body workout that gives you a chance to express yourself through movement, dance, and music.

All levels
50 minutes
Heated to 95 degrees

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