One word, obsessed! From the space, to the kick ass classes and the instructors - HOT PILATES is the perfect community of humans. As someone who comes from a running background, Pilates is the perfect mix of strength training and stretching to ensure my posture and gait aren’t compromised. I travel back and forth from LA and Toronto and this is my favourite workout by far in LA because of how it’s both effective and efficient, with my results and the overall time spent working out. I’ve tried both the online platform (during the pandemic) and classes in studio and both are transformational. All of this is to say, I love this place and what it has done for me and you will too.

Amy Shio
Los AngelEs, California

“I was having such an awful day that I almost didn’t do my daily class, something made me get on the app and workout and HOLY SH!T i am so glad that I did. This class was perfect. Best music, best energy and at the end I truly felt sooo amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you Katrina!!! I want to take all of your classes <3”

Sara A

Hot Pilates has changed my life. When I first started back in 2015, I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into. An intense workout in 90 degree or higher temperatures was not my first choice! I purchased the month special and that locked me in. I started to see a shift in my weight and body and I loved the results. Here I am Year 8 and now Hot Pilates has become part of my lifestyle, I don’t look at it as a workout. I come most days ready and always leave feeling great. If you haven’t tried it yet, I dare you to try it! I can guarantee you that you will be back!☺

Jade Bennet
Los Angeles, California

Those squat ups??!?! I was dying. Loved this whole thing. Gabes can do no wrong

Amanda S

Coming from a football, basketball, track, and tennis background, I didn't know I could find a workout that would introduce me to muscles I never used before. Hot Pilates has got me hooked.

Brandon Paris

FULL BODY BURN. That was FIRE. Super challenging. Such a great class! You killed it Callie!

Anya C

When I started at Hot Pilates I immediately became obsessed with Shannon and the studio. It’s changed my body and there’s nothing like a Shannon or Lex class in that hot room that makes me feel hot, fit, and gorgeous!

Scotty Cunha
Los Angeles, California

Loooveeeee. Always a fun upbeat challenge. Great energy and motivation and music and always finding that good burn
ps where is your top from??

louise G

Look better,
feel better,
Live better.

Our passion for life is reflected in our passion for fitness. It’s the energy we cultivate in our unique environment, and the intention we bring to our classes. It’s our authentic source of connection, inside and outside the studio.