our Instructors

My teaching style is high intensity, fun and sweaty. I want my students to feel safe to explore what their bodies are capable of while jamming out to good music.

Lauren Cannon
Pilates Instructor

Movement & fitness for me is much more than just the physique it can offer. I am a passionate, tough, but loving instructor.

I want my students to leave feeling empowered, confident, & selfish (in a positive connotation) so they can go out into the world & be selfless.

Alexis Fischer
Pilates Instructor

I try to encourage people, make them laugh when we're in the middle of an especially long or difficult series, with good music to keep them engaged. I try to meet people where they are and give them the tools to advance or modify their workouts as needed. More than anything though, I try to encourage people to become more conscious of their own bodies during their workout — that body awareness is so key and that is the part of the class that follows them outside of the studio.

Caitlin Gold
Pilates Instructor

My goal is for my sequencing to feel approachable so that the movements make sense to the mind and body. I want everyone to feel like a unit, whether they're a beginner or more experienced, so I try to offer variety so clients feel challenged in a way that suits them and keeps everyone flowing together.

Laurel Galanter
Pilates Instructor

I love providing an environment that gets everyone excited about moving their bodies and doing so with intention. You’ll leave my pilates sculpt party feeling rejuvenated and full of confidence!

Katrina Rosita
Pilates Instructor

I want my classes to have enough space for students to actually think about what they're doing. Pilates is all about mind & body connection and I want to help strengthen that bond!

Callie Stark
Pilates Instructor

Look better,
feel better,
Live better.

Our passion for life is reflected in our passion for fitness. It’s the energy we cultivate in our unique environment, and the intention we bring to our classes. It’s our authentic source of connection, inside and outside the studio.